Wealth Creation in Growing Indian Economy

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Indian economy is expected to grow by 9.2% in real terms in 2021-22 (based on preliminary estimates), after contracting by 7.3% in 2020-21. GDP is expected to increase by 8-8.5% in [...]

Relevance of value investing in the current economic scenario

It has been a difficult decade for value investors. Once upon a time industry stalwarts like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet advocated value heavily but today it has taken a back seat. In the last decade, low global GDP growth, low inflation a[...]

Communication – The Bridge to Stronger Relationship Between Financial Advisor and Client

In the age of smartphones, social media, and live streams, any information can be accessed easily almost in real-time. This has raised the bar on expectations of the clients. For financial advisors, that means an annual face-to-face meeting and [...]

Rewriting Wealth Management for Women

$700 billion a year! That's the estimated amount of revenue the financial services industry is missing out on by not meeting the financial needs and expectations of women.Traditionally, wealth management has been under the purview of men of the [...]

Why We Need Greater Participation From Investors In Tier 2 And 3 Towns

In 2019, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had shared a vision to transform the country�s economy at a pace never witnessed before. He was hopeful that India would grow into a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025. Then came COVID 19. Lockdowns and p[...]

There’s A New Kind of Investor Out There and We May Not Be Ready to Serve Them!

Technology has made investing more accessible than ever before. This report from SBI shows how in just April and May 2021, over 440,000 retail investor accounts were added. Another report shows that the number of Demat accounts has leapt from 2.5 cr[...]

The 5 Ways in Which Digital Technology is Transforming the World of Financial Services

From boosting employee efficiency with computerised systems to modern internet-enabled banking, the financial sector has always embraced technology to meet the expectations of its many users. In growing economies like India, the �money� industry is [...]